“I cannot begin to thank you for the extraordinary welcome you gave me in Seattle. If there is anyone in your business who is kinder, more versatile, more connected and more ‘athletic’ — I need to meet them."

—Danny Meyer,
author of
Setting the Table

“I’d prefer it if all author events were like this. This seems perfectly Seattle to me. This is really the best thing I have ever done as an author.”

—Ethan Canin,
author of
America, America


If you are an author

Congratulations on your book!

We receive many requests from authors interested in what we do, so here's a brief explanation of how Book Events works.

Our business is built on setting up author events for our clients, and authors are selected based on the relevance of their topic to the audience. We are a bit of a match-making company: we match authors and titles to the right audience and venue. As a result, book sales and attendance are higher at our events.

Our events do not involve honorariums, as we typically work with authors who are already coming to the West Coast on book tour or who plan to be in the area for other travel reasons.

If you think your book would interest our clients, please send us a copy of the book, your bio, and a one-sheet description of the book. If your book is a good match for our clients we will contact you directly.

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