“I want to say how much I enjoy the speaker series. I think this is a really fantastic thing about working here: it creates a vibrant collaborative environment much like a university… it puts us on the map with luminaries in our field, which I think also has a valuable cascading effect.”

—Ted Hudek,


“Keep the great authors coming! I like putting on these events: informative, educational and easy to do!”

—Dennis Honey,
Boeing Management Association


About the Book Events Team

Kim Ricketts founded Book Events in July of 2003 with the goal of connecting people, stories and ideas — through books. Fueled by a firm belief that people want new ideas woven into their daily lives, the company expanded from two original clients to a growing list of companies and groups on the West Coast. Kim was an active member of the Seattle business, literary, and food communities, and a visionary in the publishing world. She created a company dedicated to connecting authors and books with readers in a wide variety of non-traditional venues, from corporate campuses to cocktail parties.

Tragically, Kim was diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow disorder in 2010. Before she passed away, she entrusted the company to its new owner, Lara Hamilton, who joined the Book Events team in September of that year.

Lara met Kim in a thoroughly 21st century way: she responded to a tweet Kim posted seeking help with chef events. Lara spent the first part of her career at Microsoft, working every HR job from College Recruiting to Leadership Development. While at Microsoft, she also attended the Book Events series, so she knows firsthand how inspiring and engaging the events are.

Lara’s first role at Book Events was managing the Cooks & Books series, but she quickly started working with corporate clients too. Lara is thrilled to be spending the next part of working life in the world of books, authors, and ideas, and honored to carry forward the amazing work that Kim started.

Under Lara’s leadership, the company is expanding its corporate client list and its commitment to the Seattle food community by creating Book Larder, the city’s first culinary bookstore, scheduled to open in Fremont in October 2011. She is an enthusiastic cook, reader, traveler, and cookbook collector, and spends her free time enjoying Seattle with her husband and two children.

Jenny Gialenes joined the Book Events team as Office Manager, and comes with a background in design, media and client services.

Our enthusiastic staff of booksellers and event managers ensure fun and successful events every day: Deb Crawford, Susie Hino, Molly Horak, Patty Liu, Lara Schrier, Andrea Dunlop, and Judy Amster.

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