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10/3/2016, Tracy Kidder, A Truck Full Of Money

10/7/2016, Carli Lloyd, When Nobody Was Watching

10/13/2016, Kevin Baker, America the Ingenious

10/14/2016, Mike Massimino, Spaceman

10/17/2016, Julian Guthrie, How to Make a Spaceship

10/18/2016, Larry Brilliant, Sometimes Brilliant

10/19/2016, SVC, Dan Roam, Draw to Win

10/19/2016, SVC, Susan David, Emotional Agility

10/21/2016, Thomas Dolby, The Speed of Sound

10/24/2016, Marcus Samuelsson, The Red Rooster Cookbook

10/24/2016, Jane Alexander, Wild Things, Wild Places

10/27/2016, Anthony Sadler, The 15:17 to Paris: The True Story of a Terrorist, a Train, and Three American Heroes


11/3/2016, SVC, David Bodanis, Einstein's Greatist Mistake

11/4/2016, Trevor Noah, Born a Crime

11/15/2016, Jon Levy, The 2 AM Principle

11/18/2016, Kelly Leonard and Tom Yorton, YES AND


12/1/2016, SVC: Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, Designing your life

12/5/2016, Thomas Friedman, Thank You For Being Late

12/8/2016, Michael Medved, The American Miracle


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